Campaña de ayuda dermatológica


DURATION OF THE CAMP: From 25 of October 2019 to 3 of November 2019 (10 days)

SERVICES DEVELOPED: Since 2015, Spanish dermatologists have been assisting the population of Nkhotakota district in 8 different trips, led by Dr. Cristina Galvan. In the beginning, Benga Parish members alerted about general dermatological problems, which caused the firsts camps. Lately, a scabies epidemic outbreak made us to increase our efforts, increase the number of volunteers and time in the field. All those work, let us to know the real situation of dermatologic problems in the area. It was concerning, to check so many dermatologic problems that we couldn’t solve. Part of them were related to surgical problems. Specially in albino community, with important skin tumors. Some of them with fatal outcomes. This situation moved us to develop a first dermatologic surgery project, that was done successfully between July and August 2019. In order to continue our works, helping people with dermatological diseases, we are planning to return to Benga in groups of 5 dermatologists every 3-6 months. A team composed by 5 doctors specialized in dermatology and 1 specialist in microbiology will be attending people with skin diseases for 10 days (except on Sunday) in Alinafe, Thavite, Makhioni hospitals. This is the first time that we have a specialist in microbiology in our team, the reason for this incorporation is to try to have a more accurate diagnosis in infectious pathology that abounds in the area. For us, is mandatory a good follow up of every patient. We will work side by side with local personal, to teach them to do a good management, transferring skills to assist basic cases in the future. We are in permanent contact with them across the teledermatology line open via Watsapp with 47 international dermatologists online. All the samples biopsies obtained during our stay will be analyzed by a prestigious Spanish pathology team, with our commitment to inform before 3 weeks, via email, to the reference medical officer. Finally, a reported of our project will be submitted to the Council and the Ministry of Health within two weeks with details of achievements, number of persons served, any challenges encountered and a follow up plan.